Training For Organisations

National Standards for Volunteer Involvement

Wednesday 19th April

What you and your organisation need to know and understand about Best Practices in Volunteer Management.

Time:  Wednesday 19th April, 10am—2:30pm
Venue: Dingee Bush Nursing Centre – 21 King St, Dingee VIC 3571
Registration Fee: $20.00.
Inclusions: two seats, information packs and light luncheon.

RSVP 14th April, 2017

Contact: Claire McGregor, Dingee Bush Nursing Centre
Phone:  5436 8309 or email

Pre- reading of the new standards can be downloaded from this link:

Further information: Helen Yorston or Meredith Dixon, Bendigo Volunteer Resource Centre

Phone: 5441 1404 or Email:

The Bendigo Volunteer Resource Centre provides training specific to volunteer managers, coordinators, and leaders including workshops on volunteer recruitment and retention.

More general training for not-for-profit organisations such as workshops on community events and governance is also provided.

We provide regular training sessions in Bendigo and tailored sessions for organisations in their communities.

For further information on training for organisations please contact Meredith Dixon, Training Coordinator at or alternatively, call our friendly team on (03) 5441 1404

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