Student Volunteering

Volunteering is a way of supporting not-for-profit organisations (NFP’s) and getting involved in your community. Students can become involved in volunteering by running their own project, running an event, or volunteering at NFP’s. You can volunteer for a short term or long term or for one-off events.

Benefits for Students

Students who volunteer will:

    • Gain opportunities to have work experience during their course
    • Gaining skills and knowledge that are often not taught at university
    • Improve leadership skills
    • Work in teams
    • Gain early networking opportunities within student’s field of study that benefits their future career
    • Gain a feel for possible future career opportunities
    • Talk to current professionals in their field
    • Contribute to something they believe in and are passionate about
    • Create positive change to their community as an active citizen
  • Gain experience for their resume and referees

 Categories of potential volunteering opportunities

    • Arts and Media
    • Animal Welfare
    • Disability support
    • Children and Young people
    • Seniors and the Aged
    • Office – Administration
    • Emergency and crisis
    • Sports/Recreation/Outdoors/Gardening
    • International or National service
    • Education and training
    • Writing/Editing/Research
    • Health/Medical/Wellbeing
  • Conservation and Environment

Volunteers should be:

    • Reliable and dependable
    • Ethical and respect confidentiality
    • Prepared to carry out the specified job role
    • Committed to working for the organisation
    • Willing to undertake training
    • Supportive of other team members
    • Willing to adhere to the policies and practices of the organisation
  • Willing to speak up and participate in discussion about issues that affect your work.

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