Skilled Volunteering

Bendigo Volunteer Resource Centre supports individuals transitioning to retirement by assisting them to connect to our community by sharing their work-life skills with the community sector.

Our small team of retired professional skilled volunteers meet regularly and share ideas and discuss new ways in which they can assist individuals volunteering or paid employees working in our community sector by utilising their acquired skills and experience gathered during their working life.

The advantage for these skilled volunteers is that they retain social connections within our community whilst they contribute their skills and knowledge to support the valuable work undertaken by community groups within the not-for-profit sector.

Skilled volunteering provides a new opportunity for you to pass on your knowledge and life skills, and support others in our community.

Bendigo’s skilled volunteers share their knowledge, life skills, and experiences to mentor and inspire growth in our community.

These volunteers work with individuals in our community sector, empowering them to make their own decisions, explore new ideas and see things from a different perspective.

A skilled volunteer can help build the capacity of your community organisation.

The skilled volunteer can:

  • Support you and your staff
  • Help you identify opportunities for improvement
  • Help with networking
  • Help you find information about government and non-government services, incentives and supports
  • Help identify areas for development, skills improvement and training

For more information about skilled volunteering please contact the BVRC