Corporate Volunteering

It’s the ripple effect…touching one life and changing the community!

Corporate or employee volunteering is one way in which businesses can develop and action their social responsibility policy.

Companies which engage in corporate volunteering actively support and encourage their employees to volunteer their services to a local community organisation.

Steadily growing in popularity since the 1990’s corporate volunteering involves the contribution of time, talent, energy, skills and resources to help local charities and community groups within our community.

Business benefits include:

  • Staff development: teamwork, morale, and skills development
  • Enhanced reputation and leadership
  • Increased understanding between businesses and community sector
  • A high-impact way to invest in a healthier community & trading environment
  • Contribution to the development to community groups
  • Development of a sense of community connectedness between staff and residents

Employees benefits include:

  • Development of skills and networks
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Translation of skills into workplace
  • Increase in staff morale and sense of pride in working for an organisation that contributes to and helps others in the community
  • Promotion of greater awareness of our communities social and cultural diversity
  • Increase awareness of local community issues

Wider Community benefits:

  • Enhanced social cohesion
  • Enhanced understanding
  • Greater participation
  • Capacity building the non-profit sector
  • Business-community partnerships

Where to Start?

Contact the Bendigo Volunteer Resource Centre, and enquire about how our team can assist your business get involved in our community