Where is the Bendigo Volunteer Hub is located and what are the opening hours?  

The Bendigo Volunteer Hub is located inside the Bendigo Library (Hargreaves Street Entrance).

The opening hours are 10am – 4pm. Monday – Thursday and 10am – 3pm on Fridays.

How many hours do I have to volunteer? 

Volunteering is a choice, and there is no set amount of hours you must do. Your choice could range from 2hrs per month – 16hrs per week.

Are there volunteer roles that are 15 hours to cover my Centrelink obligations? 

We work with you to find volunteering opportunities that will fit with your needs, as we have many wonderful organizations who do provide a range of hours every week.

Do I need experience? 

At times, volunteering roles are specialized, and do require some experience in those areas, but there is such a wide variety of roles to be filled, so there will always be something that will appeal to you.

Could it turn into a paid position? 

A lot of the organizations we find volunteers for have little to no funding for paid staff, however, roles can sometimes change with increased responsibility which can turn into paid positions.

Can I choose the days and times I can be there?

Some volunteering roles are advertised with certain days and times, although, Managers are generally quite flexible if you have other obligations.

Do I have to have a Police Check and who pays for it? 

A lot of volunteer roles do require a current police check (within 12mths), and the organization will advise you if this is to be organized by you, or if they will do it on your behalf.

Do I need to make an appointment? 

The friendly BVRC team makes every attempt to sit down with any volunteers as soon as they walk in the door, however, appointments can be made if you would prefer. There could sometimes be training sessions, or times when all the Information Officers are busy, and you may be asked to come back at a later stage.

What are the different areas I could volunteer in?

There is a wide variety of areas including hospitality, aged care, outdoors, animal welfare and administration just to name a few. Our website, Facebook page and in particular our office is always a great starting point to get a solid understanding of what is available.

Do volunteers have rights?  

Volunteers not only have rights, but also responsibilities. We strongly encourage you to attend our Step Into Volunteering sessions (generally on the first Tuesday of each month) to find out more information. Please confirm these dates and times if you would like to attend.

Can I go on holidays and come back to the same volunteer role?

Honesty is the best policy with your Managers. If you need to take some time off for holidays, if you are unwell or to care for loved ones, advise your Manager of when you think you will be available to return, and keep in touch with them closer to your proposed return date if things change.

Is there support available for Managers of Volunteers?

The Bendigo Volunteer Leaders Network meets regularly for information and support for Volunteer Managers. Contact our office for more information.