Bendigo Volunteer Resource Centre build vibrant resourceful community by facilitating, promoting, supporting, connecting and celebrating Volunteering across Central Victoria.
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Bendigo Volunteer Resource Centre (BVRC) provides information and resources enabling individuals to make informed choices about where, when, and how they wish to connect to our community.

BVRC supports and connects volunteers to meaningful volunteer opportunities through active participation with local community organisations, community events and volunteer led community groups, striving to ensure all volunteer engagement is safe, effective, and sustainable.

Due to the current COVID restrictions, the BVRC Volunteer Hub is not open to the public for face to face interviews, however telephone interviews can be conducted on Monday’s and Thursday’s between 10am and 1pm.

For more information about volunteering or supporting volunteers, please contact us:

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The Bendigo Volunteer Resource Centre kindly supports the Help Your Neighbour campaign to assist our community in surviving the current COVID-19 virus and come out the other side more equipped, knowledgeable and ready to get involved again!

What is Help Your Neighbour?

Help Your Neighbour is a community campaign to encourage Central Victorians to come together and help their neighbours with simple acts of kindness in the face of the COVID-19.

During hard times neighbourhoods and communities have always found ways to work with each other, share resources, check on the vulnerable and provide support for the greater good. We know there are lots of people in our community doing great things to help others and we want to show people that it’s easy and practical to do the same. Help Your Neighbour promotes positive actions and connectivity that our community needs in order to be resilient, and to best withstand the risk, uncertainty and disruption of COVID-19.

Visit Help Your Neighbour on Facebook or download the flyer here