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National Volunteer Week 2018

May 21st – 27th

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Dealing with Difficult Situations Workshop

Monday 23rd April 2018

1pm – 3:30pm

Eaglehawk Community House – Bright Street, Eaglehawk

COST: $15.00

Dealing with Difficult Situations will look at how Volunteer Leaders can address issues that arise with volunteers in a not for profit organisation. We will discuss why people volunteer, their best intent, while also asking, ‘what would we do without volunteers’?

Looking firstly at how we personally cope with conflict before trying to understand the behaviour of the difficult volunteer, we move then to the steps of conflict management- understanding that we may or may not change the other persons mind!

We will discuss the powerful strategies of communication, location selection, learning to choose when to battle and when to ignore and how to focus on behaviours not the person. In other words, we will learn to step back, analyse and see the big picture.

Finally, a quick look at Volunteer Role Descriptions and/or Volunteer Agreements which are a major resource as they clarify the role of the volunteer and the expectations of the organisation.

RSVP: Wednesday 14 March by completing the registration form available through the BVRC

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