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Volunteers are often referred to as the glue that binds our community together. Volunteering opportunities should focus on supporting people to develop their skills and knowledge to support positive change in our community. It is not a one-way process, but involves working together, to combine individual skills, knowledge and expertise, matched to the requirements of the community organisation for a successful outcome for both parties.

Successful volunteering requires engaging the right volunteer for the right volunteer opportunity in the right organisation!

It is always important to ensure that the person selected for the volunteer role has the right skills to carry out the tasks and duties outlined in the volunteer role description. All volunteer role descriptions should clear and realistic and outline the tasks and duties expected of the volunteer.

All volunteer involving organisation should have good policies and procedures in place before engaging volunteers to support and enhance their service delivery programs. All organisations should be credible, reputable, accountable and committed to long -term benefits to our communities.

They should have meaningful engaging opportunities and the capacity to support the individuals wishing to volunteer and they should be a good fit for the skills, knowledge and personality of the potential volunteer.  Volunteers should be open to new experiences, and willing to learn skills including cross – cultural and their personal and professional competencies so you, the volunteer and the community organisation can both grow in knowledge and benefit from the experiences.

Everyone involved in volunteering should be safe, secure and participate willingly to ensure they have a positive experience.

Start volunteering today and make a difference to the lives of others!

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